More Choices, More More Opportunity - Supplemental Online Classes for Grades 6-12 Homeschool Students

More Choices, More OpportunitySupplemental Online Classes for Grades 6-12

Grand Canyon University

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Tuition Free

Tuition Free

100% Online & Self Paced

100% Online

Led by Qualified Instructors

Teacher Supported

Game Design

Game Design

You Choose How to Record/Accept Credits

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Driver’s Education

Driver’s Education

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My two sons are enjoying the Dave Ramsey course and looking forward to next semester!

Kathleen O.Parent

150+ Credit-Based Courses

Supplement Your Student’s Curriculum or Choose Exciting Electives

  • Engineering & Technology
  • German Language
  • Digital Photography
  • 3D Modeling
  • Business & Marketing
  • Culinary Arts
  • Fashion Design
  • Computer Science
  • HTML5/CSS3 Development
  • Audio Engineering
  • Website Design
  • Plus Core & Credit Recovery Courses!