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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Freedom Learning?

This is an opportunity for students in 1st – 12th grades to choose from 400+ online courses. The program offers courses that are 100% online, teacher-supported, and tuition-free.

What courses are offered?

There are lots of courses to choose from. You can view the course catalog by visiting but here are some highlights:

  • Core courses including Math, English Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science
  • Advanced Placement and Honors courses
  • World Language courses, including American Sign Language
  • Career elective courses in the arts, business, health sciences, technology, and more!
  • Driver’s Ed, ACT Prep, and SAT Prep
  • Dave Ramsey’s Foundations in Personal Finance

Are career and technical education (CTE) courses available?

Yes! The Career Ready Program puts students on a clearly defined path to explore career options and acquire the technical knowledge and skills to work towards industry-recognized certification and high-demand careers. This program offers multiple courses layered to support student acquisition of industry-recognized certifications while still in high school.

How is this free?

This program is funded by the taxpayers of the State of Colorado who provide funding for public schools, charter schools, and homeschool enrichment programs via state taxes, vehicle registration taxes, and property taxes.  Parents who decide to enroll their children in these online courses are choosing for their child to be a part-time student in a statewide online public school. Students who enroll are required to begin participating in their online class no later than October 1st.

What about my Personally Identifiable Information?

Your privacy is important. Your information and your child’s information will never be sold.  Freedom complies with federal and state laws to protect the privacy of students and their parents. Those privacy standards are applicable to this program including all of the enrollment information you provide. Schools and educational agencies are required to maintain the privacy of information collected from students and parents.

How do I enroll?

Once you’re ready, it’s easy to enroll your child for online courses:

  1. Find the email from Freedom Learning with the link to the online application
  2. Complete the application and upload any required documents.
  3. Within two days, you’ll be emailed your login credentials for
  4. Log in and start your Orientation
  5. Complete the Course Selection Form that is emailed to you
  6. Within a day of completion of that form, your course will be added to your account
  7. Access your class and submit some work both before and on October 1st

What if I need help? 

We’re here for you. You can contact us anytime by email (, by phone (720.441.0221), or at