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Dave Ramsey

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The Dave Ramsey Foundations Advantage

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Course Highlights

Saving & Budgeting

From smart spending habits to saving money for large purchases and emergencies, you’ll learn the vital role budgeting plays in staying debt free.

Credit & Debt

Learn about credit myths, credit scores, avoiding debt and the relationship between inflation and purchasing power.

Financial Planning & Insurance

Learn about investing basics, how to invest for the future, employer benefits and risk management strategies.

Income, Taxes & Giving

Learn how to set and reach goals, the connection between income and taxes, how successful people manage their money and how to thoughtfully give back.

Did You Know?

  • 50+% of high school seniors are financially illiterate
  • 7+ million Americans are in default on student loans
  • $37,000 is the average amount of student loan debt a college graduate accumulates
  • $16,048 is the amount of credit card debt the average U.S. consumer carries